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  1. Jerry.

    Findomain - A Cross-Platform Tool

    A cross-platform tool that use Certificates Transparency logs to find subdomains. We currently support Linux, Windows and MacOS. How it works? It tool doesn't use the common methods for sub(domains) discover, the tool uses Certificate Transparency logs to find subdomains and it method make it...
  2. Jerry.

    Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools

    As a new developer, finding and fixing bugs can be difficult. You may be tempted to randomly use console.log() in an attempt to get your code working correctly. Not Anymore! This article is all about debugging the correct way! You’ll learn how to use the Chrome Developer Tools to set up...
  3. Jerry.

    BlackEye - The Most Complete Phishing Tool

    BLACKEYE is an upgrade from original ShellPhish Tool (https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/shellphish) by thelinuxchoice under GNU LICENSE. It is the most complete Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1 customizable. WARNING: IT ONLY WORKS ON LAN! This tool was made for educational purposes! Phishing...
  4. Jerry.

    Finalrecon - osint tool for all-in-one

    FinalRecon is a fast and simple python script for web reconnaissance. It follows a modular structure so in future new modules can be added with ease. Features FinalRecon provides detailed information such as: Header Information WHOIS SSL Certificate Details Found Flag in SSL Certificate -...
  5. Jerry.

    Ftpbruter - a ftp server brute forcing tool

    Brute forcing tool for FTP server. FTPBruter can work in any OS if they have and support Python 3. Feature Brute force a FTP server with a username or a list of usernames (That's all). Install and Run on Linux You have to install Python 3 first: Install Python 3 on Arch Linux and its...
  6. Jerry.

    Shellphish - Phishing Tool For 18 Social Media

    Phishing Tool for 18 social media: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Github, Twitter, Yahoo, Protonmail, Spotify, Netflix, Linkedin, Wordpress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, InstaFollowers, Gitlab, Pinterest. This script uses some webpages generated by SocialFish Tool...
  7. Jerry.

    Best IP & Network Scanning Tools in 2020

    IP and Network scanning tools are software that identify various loopholes of network and safeguard from unprecedented and abnormal behavior that poses a threat to the system. It provides a convenient way to secure your computer network. Following is a handpicked list of Top IP Scanners, with...
  8. Jerry.

    Pickl3 - Windows Active User Credential Phishing Tool

    Pickl3 is Windows active user credential phishing tool. You can execute the Pickl3 and phish the target user credential. perational Usage - 1 Nowadays, since the operating system of many end users is Windows 10, we cannot easily steal account information with Mimikatz-like projects like the old...
  9. Jerry.


    CCnum:: 5152551003539043 Cvv: 359 Expm: 02 Expy: 23Fname: Gladys Lname: Ortiz Address: 4004 New Castle Ave City: NEW CASTLE State: DE Zip: 19720 Country: USA Phone: 3022877937 Email: [email protected]
  10. Jerry.

    Hack wireless networks

    What is a wireless network? A wireless network is a network that uses radio waves to link computers and other devices together. The implementation is done at the layer 1 (physical layer) of the OSI model. How to access a wireless network? You will need a wireless network enabled device...
  11. Jerry.

    What is Hacking and How to Guard Against It?

    Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system, or group of computer systems. This is done through cracking of passwords and codes which gives access to the systems. Cracking is the term which specifies the method by which the password or code is obtained. The...
  12. Jerry.

    JEx Bot v3 - Mass Shell UPload Bot - CPANEL FTP SMTP WP CRACK - AUTO GRAB URL

    JEx Bot v3 - (Anonfile mirror) : https://anonfile.com/Pfgb92X3ne/jexv3_zip Zip Pass: azizc99tn_ Features: Auto Grab Website list with dork?‍+ FAST Scan+ Auto Symlink, Get cpanels, Shells, FTP, SMTP, Configs, Sqli Targets, Dump Data and etc...? Upload Automatic Shells and BruteForce SMTP...
  13. Jerry.

    Amass - In-depth DNS Enumeration And Network Mapping

    The OWASP Amass tool suite obtains subdomain names by scraping data sources, recursive brute forcing, crawling web archives, permuting/altering names and reverse DNS sweeping. Additionally, Amass uses the IP addresses obtained during resolution to discover associated netblocks and ASNs. All the...
  14. Jerry.

    Kubolt - Utility For Scanning Public Kubernetes Clusters

    Kubolt is a simple utility for scanning public unauthinticated kubernetes clusters and run commands inside containers. Why? Sometimes, the kubelet port 10250 is open to unauthorized access and makes it possible to run commands inside the containersusing getrun function from kubelet: Code: //...
  15. Jerry.

    TeleShadow v3 - Telegram Desktop Session Stealer (Windows)

    Click to expand... Click to expand... Teleshadow3- Advanced Telegram Desktop Session Hijacker! Download Click HERE to download the latest version! Stealing desktop telegrams has never been so easy! Set the email and sender details of the sender and recipient or use Telegram API! and send it to...
  16. Jerry.

    Good balance dumps

    207670191378374=20032010000072500000 4207670218829276=21112010000056400000 4120614092069611=200820100100956 5262197051081020=21042011605028540000 4510620018787085=22101010000000000964 4482330032861866=2212201000008050000 4447962416154064=210820100100704...
  17. Jerry.

    Free Dumps Cashiers

    4432420251774840=19042010000096800001 4266902054320070=19032011603278800041 4270825007250603=22062011000071601 4648641100167064=20092010000044200000 4060682013472141=18112010000034600000 5152413007275324=21062010643824300000 4744830008378674=2108201000008120004
  18. Jerry.

    Amazon gift card free

    Amazon Claim Code: LDQV-9WR35H-4KK42
  19. Jerry.


    CCnum:: 6011208996180819 Cvv: 056 Expm: 04 Expy: 23 Fname: Kristi Lname: A Birchler Address: 1524 S PERRINE AVE City: CENTRALIA State: IL Zip: 62801 Country: USA Phone: +16182 3186 00 Email: [email protected]
  20. Jerry.

    France Visa

    Bank : SOCIETE GENERALE Type : VISA - DEBIT Level : TRADITIONAL Cardholders : John Anton CC Number : 4973559359720067 Expired : 03/2023 CVV : 909 UserAgent Chrome On Windows 10 Country: France State/Region: Alpes-Maritimes provence alpes cote d'azur City: Cagnes-sur-Mer Post Code 06800