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ccv dumps

  1. Jerry

    Eu Non Vbv Bin List 2021 (cc)

    401805 = ITALY = DEBIT 402360 = ITALY = DEBIT 409015 = SPAIN = CREDIT 413585 = GERMANY = CREDIT 416029 = ITALY = CREDIT 424607 = NETHERLANDS = CREDIT 425723 = GERMANY = CREDIT 435659 = SPAIN = CREDIT 450608 = SPAIN = CREDIT 450625 = SPAIN = CREDIT 450663 = BELGIUM = CREDIT 453243 = GERMANY =...
  2. William Hill

    Generated Dump Tutorial

    Generated dumps. Let's get start. I assume now that if u are reading this thread you are an adult with no mental problems and you will use this information as educational purpose. A bank card has maximum 3 tracks but usual at POS only 1 of this 3 tracks is read and that is track1 or track 2.For...
  3. Jerry


    Hey all together! I think it's a nice tutorial and i learned much from it. How To Crack Programs Yourself A lot of times I've seen and heard arrogant people claiming that they are hacker and they can crack programs. OK, cracking a software is VERY easy if use a patcher released by...