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credit card approval forum

  1. William Hill

    How to use 201 New tutorial

    Carding with 201 Dumps First of all, I would like to say that writing 201 dumps on to a chip is quite unrealistic with the current technology that is available. But I want to discuss an alternative route - I would like to give you a hint how to use 201 dumps everywhere - even in such places...
  2. Jerry

    Understanding Dumps Golden Information

    What is DUMP? A credit card dump is an unauthorized digital copy of all the information contained in the magnetic strip of an active credit card, created with the intention of illegally making a fake credit card that can be used by cybercriminals to make purchases. Credit card dumps are used by...
  3. Jerry

    201 How to damage the chip tutorial

    I will try to explain in this post the chip system of the cards also knowen as 201. 201 same as 101 is a service card of a dump.Any card service code which starts with 201 include a chip.This system was introduced for decrease the fraud and stop the carding and carders.Well it seems that was a...
  4. Jerry

    New Paypal transfer method 2020

    what all you need? => 1 France PayPal, 1 Canadian Paypal and A LEGAL Paypal where you can transfer the funds or you can buy items. => Strong socks of the same State as you will be using the address in the FAKE PPs which you make ( i prefer to use vip72.com service as it is good and quick) =>...
  5. Jerry

    How to cashout HACKED PAYPAL ACCOUNTS By Darkteam

    After reading this you will know how to cashout HACKED PP ACCOUNTS to a CLEAN PAYPAL or BITCOIN.This method is fresh and really easy. Software First off,30% of your success is on good SOCKS 5 IP and 70% is on COOKIES. For good socks,you have two options: (If you already have experience with PP...