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  1. Jerry

    DUMPS - PIN For Darkteam Users

    Track1 B375286003721026^NICOLETTI/MONICA ^1903201130440926 Track2 375286003721026=190320113044092600000 Pin 4649 Track1 B375286648632000^D'AURIA/CHIARA ^1805201130576777 Track2 375286648632000=180520113057677700000 Pin 1943 Track1 B375286752191017^ANNARELLA/LAURA ^1901201130288091 Track2...
  2. Jerry

    How to Get Free Tinder Plus for 6 Months 2020 Tutorial

    Step 1: Get Promo Code We need to download Bluestacks at first before we can get free tinder plus code. Now install the Bluestacks in your PC. Then click on setting option from the bottom right corner. Now go to advanced option and select create a custom profile. Then enter the brand and...