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Carding Tutorial From Darkteam

Hello everyone*

How are you all doing? I'm doing good myself...
I am here to let you in on a few tips and tricks when it comes to carding online and shops that you can easily card. Ultimately* every shop online is cardable* you just need the proper technique(s) and materials.

These are just a few sites to name which I tend to target on a weekly basis...carding Sportsauthority is what I recommend as they ALWAYS ship and they ship extremely fast...tons of money to be made.

Personal tips:

? Always stay protected while carding* you can do this by making sure you have all of the following:
- VPN (nVPN is decent)
- Socks5 (matching the billing address on the card you're using)
- Mac Changer (good to change your mac address; keep yourself totally anonymous)
- Cracked/ open wifi spots around you location are a plus; use them if available!
- Get in and get out; complete the task efficiently and effectively.
? When choosing which cards to you* I recommend you purchase either AMEX or DISCO; they are the strongest and will give you the best results.
- Always ask your vendor for the telephone number if it doesn't come with one...you'll need it when checking out.
- Do not check the cards yourself* you should trust that your vendor is selling you active/ live cards.
- BIN aka Bank Identification Number is important...stick to platinum cards and so fourth* stay away from gold/classic* they tend to only work for low amounts.
? When checking out* select the fastest shipping method. (the faster they need to ship* the less processing the order goes under)
? Placing orders at the right time is very effective...for example* around Christmas* security on websites isn't so strong...you get the point.
? Do not use your personal email* create an email over at and use that email.
- Match the email with the carder holder's name...so it looks even more legit.
? Quite a few shops require phone call verifcation; have a call service ready incase you must verify the order via the phone.
? As for selling your items* find a local connect like a pawn shop owner/ local shop owner who is willing to buy all of the items you get.
- Networking is key; this will get you good connects!

This is all you really need to begin carding* I hope you take my advice and make a nice amount of cash.

I'd appreciate it if you gave me +1...if you found this information helpful.
If you have any questions* please contact me and we will discuss any concerns that you may have.
Much respect*
Thanks for your time* enjoy