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For connoisseurs with the English know that dork is an insult, but carding used it to name certain terms that will allow us to abuse of search engines like google to our benefit.

Abusing Google
1 | We opened our Gr3eNoX Exploit Scanner V1.1, this will allow us to search in google and in turn find faults in the pages that gives us results.

2 | We stick our Dork find the program and give search.

3 | After a few seconds you can have results, then press START, so find vulnerable pages.

Generating my own DORK ADVANCED
This is relatively simple, please pay more attention due to the following:
Usually a Dork looks like this: article.php ID =
We will customize it.


inurl: intext "id = ext.?" "Search"

In ext, we will put the extra length should be our victim page, for example: .HTLM, .PHP, .ASPX and custom text Search eg "VIEW CART", "BUY NOW" and why not something in our language for better results "BUY NOW", "PAY NOW", "INTERNET SALES" provided you have it clear that you want to find sales pages vulnerable.
I recommend using .PHP as extention.

Adding town
Once we have reinforced our DORK can add a particular locality eg ES (Spain) BR (Brazil) who have a bit of time on the Internet we know stands for the countries of memory.
This is accomplished with Artificial + site: XX at the end of our DORK, so that you will be well.