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G2a carding method From darkteam


The G2A is a digital gaming market, where you can buy / sell game items / keys / etc.

Let's go to the point:

1. Prepare valid cards, find some cards from non-vbv boxes from these countries, Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru or using some USA & Canada that can make the password like this boxes 415747, etc.

2. Make new e-mail with hushmail.com with card information

3. Prepare and Execute VPN, recommended vpn premium, many options available in the country

4. Find Clean Socks5 ( Never use vip72 socks for carding) the same as the country of cards
[ note : check your socks quality on whoer.net , if DNS is leaking socks are not preferable for carding ]

5. Set the computer / phone time as well as the country time of the card

6. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it . Better if you have antidetect/fraudfox.

7. Go to websites, make 1 order under <$ 100 value, go to basket> Checkout> Choose Payment> Choose Skrill> Pick Visa / Mastercard> Registration / Registration> using card information + new email> confirm link in emai

10. After registering, wait about 1-2 hours and continue to insert all the cards

11. Have problems verfying US phone number? Here are solutions :
a) have someone having legit US phone number and take help from him.
b) textnow.com - free - medium quality
c) - paid - good quality

11. You will receive your request in an email.