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New Hacker Tips 2019 From Darkteam


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I always say to them : " Do you want to be a real hacker ? "
They say : " Of course , please teach me ! "
I say : " Lolz ! Have u ever been thinking how i became a hacker ?"
They : " ?? How ?"
I : " Only staying in forums , internet , reading a lot , getting eBooks and reading them , learning programming languages , and the most importants : USING WITH LOGIC GOOGLE and LEARNING ENGLISH ! "
They : " English ?? WTF ?? Why ? "
I : " ` Coz Most of tutorials on internet are in english language ,the best forums of hacking are in english language , like AlboRaaQ ! "
They : " .... "

So this is for every newbie here ,
stop asking real Hackers on how to do something , in this way you can't become a real hacker .. Do you wanna know why ?
Okkay ,that`s because always you will need help , you will not be creative , you will not be able to find vulnerabilites your own self and create exploits ! A Real hacker only gets information on internet , and every problem , he solves it himself , without any help !
That`s a good hacker !

So hope you got a conclusion ,
Start using Google with logic, because Google is the best friend of Hackers !
Start reading a lot of eBooks , tutorials !
Start registering on good forums of hacking !
Start learning programming languages !

Why programming languages ?
LoolZ ! A programming language is one of the most powerful weapon of a hacker , you can create your own programs, keep them private and sell it to others ! So you earn moneys !

Why programming languages ?
Because with them you will be able to understand how works a web application , computer , a system etc !

One of the most important things is Searching , always on a forum , search before posting a new thread , and requesting help !
Don't give up !
Find everything your own self !

Another important thing is Social Engineering , here you must be very creative , use logic !
With this famous technique of hackers , you will be able to make your victims , trust to you ! And to download your RAT , Stealer, Keylogger or whatever you have !

Another important thing again, is Linux !
Linux is the best operating system for Hackers , like BackTrack 4.
I suggest you to search in google for more information ,and find the download link , and install it on your computer !

So here we finish , hope you learned something usefull ,
i spent 20 minutes writing that..,and only to help noobs !
Never say you can't be a hacker !
If you try seriously what i wrote , of course you will be a real hacker !

Tutorial written by dR.sqL , please don't copy it without my permission. If you do , please give me credits !

Hope this thread gets Sticky , and please if you learned something
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