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Order Declines Explained [Tutorial] Share From darkteam

So I see a lot of people getting their orders cancelled or not accepted, and I will provide some tips

First I want to tell you guys the most common reasons why it get's cancelled.
- Dead CC/IP BAN
- Wrong Billing
- Multiple tries
- Billing and Shipping

Those 4 are the most common issues around carding.

Let's start with the first issue; Dead CC.

Some people try multiple times to buy from a website with DEAD CC's, the website and the system will get suspicious, that's only natural and ban you. And once you're banned. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A LIVE CC. it will STILL get declined. So technically the CC is not dead sometimes, Sometimes you're just banned from over trying.

Solution: Next time Use proxy, VPN or socks.

Wrong Billing
Sometimes the website is bill=ship. However some other times that's false, Sometimes the website will require the billing to be the same as the credit card statements, so remember that. And there are occasions where the billing can be wrong, unfortunately there is no fix to this, just be cautious I guess.

Solution: Analyze the website and see if it requires the BILL to be the same as CC statements.

Multiple tries.
This is a common problem, especially for people who use Public CC. Usually they will try CC's. The first one will get declined, second declined. third declined. Fourth one get's an ERROR. Boom, This means you're either banned or blocked. It's really rare to be banned at four tries. Now, Don't get too cocky and try again. Stop. chill out, find a new website.

Solution: Stop trying to card the website and come back 24 hours later.

Billing and shipping.
This is one of my favorite problems. There are websites that WONT ship out if the billing is not the same as shipping. I've tried to card apple 5 times. 3 times they sent me an Email telling me that they can't ship it to a different address due to security measures. And the other two times I've Gotten it shipped.
Now, there is an easy fix to this; Social Engineering. You have to make it seem like it's a necessity to ship it to a different address. Tell them something like; You're out traveling and it's for a project. I can post how I carded apple if you want, it was fairly easy!

Solution: Manipulate them to think it's necessary to ship it do a different address. (eg. Birthday gift)

Hope you enjoyed this carding tutorial. Remember to always use your intelligence when carding.