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oxid.it - Cain & Abel
John the Ripper password cracker
THC-HYDRA - fast and flexible network login hacker
L0phtCrack - Windows & Unix Password Auditing & Recovery
AirSnort Homepage
SolarWinds: Network Management Software & Network Monitoring | Free Trials
pwdump6: Pissing Off McAfee Since 2005
RainbowCrack Project - Crack Hashes with Rainbow Tables
Brutus - The Remote Password Cracker

Top Packet Sniffers

Wireshark · Go deep.
TCPDUMP/LIBPCAP public repository
stumbler dot net
Welcome to ntop.org
EtherApe, a graphical network monitor

Top Scanners

Nikto2 | CIRT.net
Parosproxy.org - Web Application Security
wiretrip.net - rain forest puppy
Content Moved
Website Security - Acunetix Web Security Scanner
Products | N-Stalker The Web Security Specialists
Tenable Network Security
Network vulnerability scanner, security scanner and port scanner

The Advanced Research Corporation ®
On Demand Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance - Qualys, Inc.