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Tutorial for Mac from darkteam

Here is what I found from a keylogger site, talk about how to identify a high quality keylogger for Mac. Compared with PC, I am much more interested in Mac as I am a Mac users.

A high quality keylogger should:

- Having a high level of stealthy work
A perfect Keylogger for Mac should give you the option not to leave icon in the Dock. In addition, a keylogger with high quality is difficult to be detected by anti-keylogger programs.

- Full functions
Besides basic keylogger demands such as recording keystrokes typed, desktop screenshots, and websites visited, a high qualified Keylogger for Mac should be capable of recording the chat conversions of both sides. In addition, a keylogger with good quality can record the password in asterisk as well.

PS, if you wanna to purchase a keylogger online, never forget it should offer you free trial for testing